Electric heaters (Vienna, Tirol, Steiermark) are represented by the widest range in the online store Monstroplace. You can also buy a heater in Burgen­land, Vorarl­berg, Nieder­österreich in the online store Monstroplace, with maximum comfort provided for customers - both when choosing and buying. Therefore, buying heaters in Graz or the Linz from us is as easy as in Eisenstadt, Bregenz and any other corner of the country. The process of making a purchase will take you no more than five minutes, you just need to fill out the appropriate application at checkout.

Types of heaters in the MONSTROPLACE catalog

Today, manufacturers offer a wide range of options for heaters for home, street or industrial premises, which differ in technology, size, type of heater, and type of placement. In more remote regions, the specified period may increase to a day.

  • Oil heater is the most well-known type of device that can be found in offices, private houses, apartments. According to the principle of operation and appearance, they are similar to a battery, with the difference that instead of water, there is oil inside. The heating element is inside the case. These devices are completely silent, do not dry the air and do not burn oxygen in the room. The main advantages of such heaters include a wide range of sizes, democratic cost. In terms of placement, these are floor models.

  • Convectors - work on the basis of air circulation. In the case of such devices are heating elements that are heated by an electric current. The heated air enters the room through the grate, where it mixes with cold air.

  • Heat gun - this option is intended, rather, not for the home, but for technological premises. Usually they are installed for heating large premises - warehouses, car repair shops, storage areas.

  • Ceramic - in these heaters, the heating element is made of cermet. The heat transfer itself occurs when the heating element is blown by a fan. These are mobile and compact devices. Manufacturers of such models offer wall, floor and hinged or ceiling type of placement.

  • Infrared - these devices do not heat the air, but heat objects that are in the heater area. The role of the heating element is played by special lamps operating in a spectrum invisible to humans, but emitting a large amount of heat. In this case, the thermal radiation is not absorbed by the air, and all the energy reaches the objects and people in the room. The infrared heater can be used as an outdoor heater, which is appreciated by the owners of cafes, taverns, restaurants - establishments with open terraces. Infrared heaters include the following types of devices:

  • Carbon - the principle of operation and the structure are almost the same as those of the infrared counterpart, only instead of a lamp, a carbon spiral is mounted here. This is an energy-saving version of the heater, since the use of a carbon carbon coil can save up to 20% of electricity.

  • Quartz - produced in the form of flat panels, which are covered with a composite material - ceramics, quartz composite, stone.

  • Micathermal - these devices are based on plates coated with mica - a material that has high thermal conductivity and is an electrical insulator. Here, radiant energy accounts for up to 80% and convection for up to 20%.

As for the type of power supply, the most common option is of course electric heaters, but for heating terraces, outdoor areas of cafes and restaurants and other outdoor spaces, gas heaters are often used, as well as heaters using diesel fuel and kerosene.

How to choose a heater?

The main characteristic of any heater is power. It can be calculated by the ratio of 10 square meters. meters per 1 kW. If we take into account the reviews of the owners, it is recommended to buy heaters with a power slightly higher than the calculated one. A convenient filter panel of the Monstroplace online store will help make your search easier.

The indisputable advantage of purchasing heaters in the Monstroplace online store is the ability to choose the optimal payment method for yourself and courier delivery. Gas and electric heaters are delivered to our customers with maximum efficiency. 

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