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Bathroom furniture: how is it different

Part of the overall interior of modern apartments and houses is bathroom furniture, which today is thought out to the smallest detail. These furnishings stand out from all the rest, fully responding to the special operating conditions. They combine ergonomic shapes, compactness, functionality and presentability. In addition, they withstand sudden changes in temperature and high humidity and are as easy to care for as possible. It depends on them in many respects, so the room will be beautiful, cozy, and comfortable.

Special products become a harmonious frame for sanitary ware, emphasize the overall style or bring zest, set bright, expressive accents. They also help to hide unaesthetic elements, discreetly and conveniently store cosmetics, household, and other trifles. Thanks to the variety of offers from modern manufacturers, you can find the perfect solution for both small and spacious areas. All varieties are classified according to a number of key criteria, including material, coating, purpose, design and appearance.

Variety of materials

The most common bathroom furniture is made of chipboard and MDF. It belongs to the budget, strong enough, able to withstand a lot of weight. In recent years, ultra-modern plastic has been increasingly used for production. It attracts a variety of shades and shapes, opening up unlimited scope for designer imagination, weighs a little, practically does not “react” to the influence of environmental factors. In addition, its cost is relatively low and allows you to choose everything you need for any budget.

Special attention is drawn to metal furnishings - from sophisticated forged to angular stamped. Glass views are also notable, which give the room elegance and lightness, create a feeling of airiness and visually expand the space. However, for the most part, metal and glass are used for decoration and a unique individual look. The most expensive are wooden sets made of natural material. This is a classic, the advantage of which lies in sophistication and genuine beauty, environmental friendliness, increased durability.

Depending on the material, there is a different finish coating. You can buy bathroom furniture with water-repellent PVC film, painted with glossy or matte enamel. Melamine, acrylic coating and HPL plastic are also found. Each of them has its own characteristics, which should be considered when choosing and correlated with personal preferences.

What kind of bathroom furniture does Monstroplace offer?

Monstroplace presents the most popular types, including:

  • sink stand - the main and versatile piece of furniture that is sold with or without a sink, hides the pipes and allows you to rationally use every centimeter, comes with shelves and drawers;

  • bathroom stand - one of the most capacious due to the aspiration upwards, is available in open, closed and combined types, most often narrow, high and shallow, sometimes with shelves in the form of lattices, with and without doors, provides the opportunity to maximize space;

  • bathroom locker - a classic, which often differs in the correct shape (square and rectangle), as well as modest decor, can be non-standard corner, built-in, mirrored, with sliding doors, on wheels;

  • chest of drawers - an unconventional solution that is gaining popularity, usually characterized by a large number of drawers, often combines a dressing table and a sink, or is used to store linen;

  • a mirror is an important attribute that can be an independent part or a set with a cabinet, it is a wonderful decoration, not only plays a functional role, but also visually expands the space, often complemented by lighting.

Features of the right choice

Special attention should be paid to the size. The smaller the room, the more compact bathroom furniture should be selected, and vice versa. Each item should be useful, appropriate in terms of planning, match the style of the interior, harmoniously fit into the color concept, leave space for free movement. For a successful choice, it is important to determine the type of installation of products:

  • floor-standing – traditional and superior in absolute ease of installation, can withstand significant loads, are easily moved due to practical legs or wheels;

  • hanging - combine a high level of comfort and ergonomics, are indispensable for small rooms, but look decent in spacious ones, do not hide the beauty of the floor, facilitate cleaning of hard-to-reach places, provide free movement of air flows;

  • wall-mounted - also ideal for small spaces where every centimeter counts, to save floor space and organize unused space near the walls;

  • desktop - innovative mirrors with LED backlighting, wide, brightly and evenly lit light zones (there are ornaments, light stripes, patterns around the perimeter);

  • corner - allow you to usefully use uncomfortable corners, hide the emptiness and imperfections of the walls, are quite roomy despite their compactness.

For one interior, monochrome options or neutral white are more suitable, for another, it is better to choose stylish and colorful varieties. Thanks to the wide color palette, it is not difficult to find suitable models for any style, especially since the shapes are varied. Another important selection criterion is equipment. Bathroom furniture is produced with handles, shelves, a touch switch, a clock, and even Bluetooth speakers. A detailed description will help you get acquainted with the features of the products of interest and make a profitable purchase.

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