Massage tables are an indispensable attribute of a massage therapist and a chiropractor. High-tech devices will allow specialists to help patients and ensure their comfort during the procedure. Since massage is directly related to a person's relaxation, it is necessary to take care of maximum relaxation to get an excellent end result.

It is important that the couch freely adapts to the parameters of the patient, namely his height, weight and body weight. The work of a doctor requires a number of physical efforts. Massage tables are characterized by high ergonomics, so they can reduce the daily cost of strength. Therefore, it is important to take care of the purchase of such a product.

Types of massage tables

Now the market offers a large selection of products that differ in various parameters. Depending on the type of construction, the following models are distinguished:

  • Stationary massage tables. This option is especially durable and reliable, it will be an excellent solution for massage and spa salons. The product freely withstands a load of 200 to 350 kg.

  • Portable massage table. Portable folding models easily fit in the trunk. They are easy to use, light and small. Experts recommend choosing products no more than 20 kg. Often it is chosen for use at home or for sessions at the patient's home. The table is able to withstand up to 200 kg and is additionally equipped with special carrying bags.

  • Electric massage tables are equipped with several motors that provide a change in position and height. Both actions can be performed simultaneously or alternately, depending on the features of the model. Another difference will be the presence of wheels, higher weight and cost.

The decision should be made depending on the size of the practice and its features. It is not worth saving on the purchase of such a device, because the comfort of the doctor and the patient depends on it.

How to choose the right massage table?

Before buying, you need to understand the structure of the product. All massage tables have the same design of the frame, headrests, table tops and armrests. A number of models are also equipped with a patient's hand rest, accessories or a special cushion.

The frame is usually made of steel, wood or lightweight aluminum. Such material provides reliability, wear resistance and durability of the structure. Wooden models are environmentally friendly and presentable, while aluminum models are popular due to their low weight and resistance to moisture.

Tabletops are made in the form of a rectangle, which can be adjusted in height. There are single-section, two-section and three-section models depending on the number of moving parts.

Another important criterion when choosing is the material of the countertop, which must be durable, environmentally friendly and pleasant to the body. Typically, manufacturers upholstery is made of artificial and genuine leather or soft polyurethane. More expensive models are made of arpatek. The countertop is filled with foam rubber and polyurethane 5-7 cm thick, which have excellent cushioning properties.

Many massage tables are equipped with stationary and removable standard or anatomical headrests. The second type has small cutouts, due to which the doctor can carefully work out the collar zone.

Additional accessories will be side armrests, shelves for hands, a roller and other places for storing towels, oil and other accessories. Accessories affect the cost of the product, but make it more enjoyable to use.

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