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For the installation of household plumbing, installation systems are used that provide hidden placement of its elements. The set of assemblies and parts is specially designed for the installation of suspended plumbing fixtures in toilets and bathrooms. This method of installation can be used both in small and spacious rooms, it helps to increase the usable area.

Varieties and scope of delivery of systems for installing plumbing
When decorating interiors, a technique is increasingly used when pipes are hidden behind a wall. The bathroom, kitchen or bathroom at the same time acquires a neat look. The Monstroplace online store offers a wide range of installations for suspended plumbing for various purposes:

  • For the toilet. Sturdy welded construction made of steel profile is able to withstand the weight of a plumbing fixture and an adult. It provides fastenings for the installation of wall-mounted drain cisterns.

  • For the urinal. They have a similar device and the necessary equipment to connect the sanitary ware to the sewer and provide flushing.

  • For bidet. The steel frame of different sizes with all the necessary mounting points to the floor and wall, as well as platforms for mounting the bidet itself at a certain height.

  • For sink. There are two types of structures: the most common floor-mounted and wall-mounted. Each of the modules is equipped with nodes for connecting a drain and a mixer.

In addition to designs for concealed installation of plumbing, this section of the catalog contains flush buttons and wall-mounted drain cisterns. For the installation of the above equipment, branded components are offered: soundproof gaskets, fasteners and other elements.,

Most of the installation systems are delivered to the consumer in a basic kit with a toilet, urinal, bidet, or sink. On sale, there are also universal designs without sanitary ware, which are purchased separately.

Benefits of installation systems

Designs for hidden installation of household plumbing are compact and provide high reliability of its fastening. Modern installation systems have a lot of advantages over other installation methods:

Maximum convenience when cleaning rooms, where there are practically no hard-to-reach places.
Aesthetics and minimalism. Only the plumbing fixture remains in sight; the rest of the equipment is hidden behind the wall.
Minimization of noise level when draining water and filling the tank due to its isolation behind the wall.
Condensation does not form on the tank, and the absence of moisture on the surface significantly reduces the risk of fungus.
The described flush-mounted plumbing systems are designed with a large margin of safety and are able to withstand a load of up to 400 kg. The powder coating on the steel frame reliably protects the metal from corrosion and ensures its durability.

Features of the choice of installation kits

Before purchasing the system you need, you need to measure the room and assess the condition of the supporting surfaces. When choosing a plumbing installation, special attention should be paid to the method of its attachment to the floor and wall. Preference is most often given to frame structures, which are successfully mounted even in light plasterboard partitions.

Prices for installations in the bathroom depend on the scope of supply and the manufacturer. Information about the cost and availability of goods is updated automatically and remains reliable at any time. This section of the catalog presents quality products from the leading brands.