Cottage and garden

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If you are a fan of outdoor activity and are going to buy yourself a small cottage or already live in a private house, in any case, you cannot do without such tools as garden equipment. With its help, your site will always have a neat, well-groomed appearance, and if you decide to do landscape design, it will be simply indispensable.


What is garden equipment


Let's take a closer look at the main types of garden equipment:


  • Lawnmowers


Lawnmowers are divided into electric, gasoline-powered, and self-propelled. An electric lawn mower is relatively small, environmentally friendly, and low cost, while a petrol lawn mower usually has a lot of power, is more maneuverable, and has a wide cutting width, making it easier to care for a large area. A self-propelled lawn mower is ideal for large areas with hilly terrain. In any case, such garden equipment as a lawn mower should be selected individually, depending on the quality of plantings on your site.


  • Trimmers 


A trimmer is one of the lawnmower options with which you can cut green spaces in the most inaccessible places, such as grass near the curb or in close proximity to trees and flowers. With a trimmer, you can quickly bring your lawn back to its proper shape, as well as cut or remove young trees, bushes or hedges.


  • Chain saws


Such garden equipment as chain saws will help you quickly and efficiently cut trees in your garden or prepare a supply of firewood for the winter. In addition, such a tool can be useful for minor home repairs or the manufacture of wooden products: shelves, stools, etc. On our website, you can purchase gasoline, electric, and battery chain saws from leading manufacturers of garden equipment.


  • Cultivators


The cultivator is suitable not only for processing flower beds or areas around trees in the garden but can also be used to prepare the soil in the garden before planting vegetables. It allows you to level the surface of the soil, remove weeds, loosen the soil, and promote uniform distribution of fertilizers in it.


  • Garden shredders


If you have a garden waste disposal problem, tools like garden shredders can help. Branches of bushes and trees, dry leaves and grass - your shredder will save your site from all this, turning garbage into a compost base. The website of our online store presents models of electric and gasoline shredders, which you can purchase at the best price in Austria.


If you want to buy garden equipment in Vienna and other regions and get really good quality tools and at a relatively low price, you will make the right choice by contacting us. You do not need to look for a garden equipment store, because everything that both a novice gardener and a professional farmer may need can be easily found in the product catalog on the website of the Monstroplace online store.