Garden furniture

Varieties of garden furniture

Garden furniture is what will help to highlight the suburban area, make it convenient for work and comfortable for relaxation. In the age of innovation and technology, it's nice that products remain easy to use. The functionality of this furniture is quite simple - to equip a place of leisure. However, the assortment is so large that you can choose based on the personal preferences of each buyer and the characteristics of the territory itself. Garden furniture ranges from tables and chairs to toolboxes, from standard shapes and colors to the most daring designs. 

So how to choose the right product from this abundance?

When arranging a garden or just a secluded corner near a country house, one cannot do without items such as a table and chairs or benches for large-scale gatherings. Here, manufacturers also did not limit their imagination and released completely different lines. You can find large sets for the whole family and small sets for tea parties in the online store Monstroplace.

When buying, you need to take into account all the little things and nuances. First of all, it concerns the material from which the product is made. Undoubtedly, plastic aggregates are the leaders of the modern market, since they have a low price, are practical to use, and are very easy to clean. Wooden furniture is less practical, but the period of use is much longer. It is also quite environmentally friendly because it is made from natural raw materials. It is important to pay attention to the coating and the quality of the wood itself. The most durable wooden garden furniture is made of teak and solid softwood. But it also needs regular updating - tinting or varnishing.

Cleaning the surface of such material is more painstaking, but this is offset by an elegant appearance. Metal tables and chairs are expensive types. This is due to the strength of the material, the variety of shapes, and various types of additional decor.

Shelves are also among the items of country decor. A must-have for aesthetes who want to beautify the entire environment. Whatnots usually serve as a stand for flowers, but sometimes just the necessary tools or household items are stored in the compartments.

Wicker furniture

Wicker tables, chairs, and even sun loungers will perfectly fit into the interior of any garden, emphasizing the exquisite taste of the owners. The plastic decor will help decorate a space of any size and bring fresh design solutions that can revive even the most doomed garden. Products made from such material are almost universal and popular, as evidenced by positive feedback from many consumers.

Artificial rattan is a synthetic fiber. It is a polymer tape of different lengths, it is from such tapes that garden furniture is made. This material is absolutely non-toxic and can have any color, as well as shape, due to its elasticity. The main advantage is the ability to withstand any load. The advantage over natural rattan is the cost. Products made from artificial materials are more expensive. Also, such furniture is easy to clean using a damp cloth or a special brush. Artificial rattan products wear out slightly, even when outdoors all year round.

How to choose furniture for a summer residence and what material is the most practical

When making a choice, first of all, you need to start with the environment of use of the product, the intensity of its use, and the exterior and interior of the backyard. If your garden is exposed to sunlight most of the day, experts strongly recommend choosing material that is resistant to fading. If the country house is made of lining or timber, then the design rules already come into force, forged tables will be out of place, and a tree will do well. And to save money, you can buy plastic garden furniture that imitates wood. In order to qualitatively combine decor items and site design, landscape designers are often invited. It is important to take into account the country of origin, which is one of the most significant characteristics. 

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