Kinderwelt - strollers and car seats, bicycles and scooters, electric cars give your child a happy childhood! In the catalog you can also choose and buy children's toys.

The "Kinderwelt" section will help you choose almost all the necessary goods for children.

The catalog "Baby strollers" many famous brands, as well as brands popular among domestic consumers. Using filters, you can save a lot of time looking for the right stroller model and quickly select a solid, comfortable and beautiful vehicle for your baby.
The section also offers products aimed at ensuring the safety of your child not only at home, but also on the go! The Car Seat catalog will help with this. It is very easy to choose a high-quality and ergonomic seat that matches the age of your baby and securely fixes a small passenger during a trip.
A young fidget reaching for the wheel? Then you should look into the catalogs of Children's electric cars, Bicycles, and Scooters, in which it is quite easy and quick to choose goods in accordance with the age and interests of young talent. 
We have not forgotten about other things that little children love so much. Children's toys are presented in an extensive assortment: puzzles, play sets, soft toys, and children's construction sets.
The online shop Monstroplace provides a wide range of products that can greatly simplify the care of children and make the life of the latter more “colorful”.