Strollers for babies

Caring parents strive to get the best for their child. Naturally, the first thing they will face after the birth of a baby is the purchase of a stroller. This product is extremely important for the comfort of the child, and therefore it must be chosen very carefully. Modern baby strollers can be called the first transport in life.

New parents should consider where exactly the walks will take place: in the park, near houses, or possibly near water. In addition, it is important to consider that the stroller must be constantly carried from the apartment to the street and then back. If the house is equipped with an elevator, then the situation is much simpler, if not, the structure should weigh little and fold easily. Perhaps it makes sense to look for models with a removable cradle, transformer models or other non-standard solutions.

The main types of baby strollers

The sale of baby carriages is arranged in such a way that each parent has the opportunity to choose a convenient product. This process is not always fast, and in order to speed it up, you need to understand what the market offers. The variety of strollers can be conditionally reduced to five types, structurally based on similar elements.

For walks. Here the child can see what surrounds him without any extra effort. Often, in this type of product, the wheels can be fixed in one position for stability, or, conversely, the fasteners can be loosened for additional maneuverability.
With a cradle. In such a stroller, the baby is securely covered from bright light, raindrops and dirt. No gust of wind will reach the child, and the waterproof fiber case will serve as additional protection. Sometimes the cradle can be easily unfastened, and sometimes it is completely fixed.
Universal. We can say that the advantages of the first two types are combined here, and in addition, the design is equipped with more massive wheels. In addition, the main distinguishing feature is the ability to deploy the cradle not only in one plane, but also tilt to the outside. If parents want the baby to contemplate the world from the front, this is quite possible.
Transformers. None of the properties mentioned above are characteristic of this type. Stroller manufacturers are constantly experimenting to increase comfort, as well as offer different options for placing the baby and fastening the cradle. Such strollers are suitable for children of all ages: from babies to already quite independent.
Stroller type "cane". Structurally, these products are arranged in such a way as to be able to compactly and quickly fold into a narrow object. In addition, these products are lightweight and extremely easy to transport.

Stroller selection

Strollers for children differ markedly in structure and are initially designed in such a way as to meet the different needs of customers. First of all, you need to think about the wheels. If the roads in the area leave much to be desired, it would be wise to focus on increased cross-country ability and additional softness of rubber. For tall people with a large step width, it will be a little inconvenient to use a stroller with small diameter wheels - this must also be taken into account.

As was canceled above, one of the factors must necessarily be the weight of the product. However, the lightest models are not always the best choice. Here it is necessary to subtly feel the balance between stability and how critical it is to lift an extra half a kilogram. It is extremely problematic to determine this in advance, but when buying an uncomfortable stroller, the consumer will feel it already at the first exit for a walk.

Given the size of standard apartments, one should not forget about the dimensions of the product. In a multi-storey building with narrow entrances, it can be difficult to turn around from wide structures, so this aspect is best taken into account in advance. If the consumer feels the bulkiness of the stroller or inconvenience when handling the latter for any height, it is not recommended to take the product. In the future, if there is a need to go to a store, pharmacy or supermarket on the way, it will be very difficult to pass people there in the aisles. In order not to create additional difficulties with your own hands, it is wiser to estimate the necessary dimensions in advance.

Of course, the online store of baby strollers is not able to convey to the potential buyer the feeling of how the product feels when interacting with it. However, thanks to the extensive range, consumers have the opportunity to navigate the goods. Here are strollers of different heights, with handles made of different materials, with different types of wheels, combined and non-standard models.

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