Storage devices and network storage systems

Standard server cabinets are used for installation and operation of telecommunications equipment of stations, modems and routers. The design is a metal box with a lockable door, glazed or deaf. Products differ in increased durability and are equipped with fasteners for the installation of electronic components.


Inside the server cabinets, steel strips with holes are vertically fixed, on which horizontal rails are mounted. The number of fixing points corresponds to the number of units - seats for placing equipment. Holes in racks are usually made round, but can also be square for special nuts with M6 threads.


Nomenclature of server cabinets

The use of closed telecommunication racks allows you to compactly place a variety of equipment. This section of the Monstroplace catalog presents a huge range of cabinets for servers of domestic and foreign production of all main types and standards:


  • Floor. Designed for installation of various components, including sufficiently powerful communication stations. Most models have cutouts in the lid for coolers of the ventilation system, adjustable legs are installed on the bottom to create a reliable support.
  • Wall. Available in two versions with and without a back wall. The design is hung on any vertical surface or placed on a table. This type of mounting rack is used to accommodate electrical or electronic equipment with a total weight of up to 30 kg.
  • Anti-vandal. They are distinguished by increased strength and a high level of protection against burglary due to the strengthening of the door frame and the use of hinges installed inside the body. Some models are equipped with mortise locking devices, the rest are equipped with boxes for crab-type overhead locks.
  • Climatic. Made specifically for the placement of cooling systems for server equipment: fans or air conditioners. Able to withstand significant loads arising from the operation of systems, maintaining the systems installed in them to ensure a given temperature regime.

Most of the offered models are available in 19-inch format, in addition, there are cases with a width of 10 and 23 inches. The latter are less common, but are also in demand among users.


Design features and technical parameters

Server cabinets are available in two versions: all-welded and as a set of parts for assembly on site. Closed mounting racks differ in overall dimensions and have the following parameters:


  • Maximum width of equipment and shelves for placement: 482.6 mm.
  • Depth depending on the model: 600, 800 and 900 mm.
  • Number of standard mounting places (units): from 1 to 48.

A number of cabinets are produced with improved noise insulation, which makes it possible to install them in office premises. For ease of maintenance, some models have removable side walls, thus simplifying access to equipment during maintenance.


Benefits of server cabinets

Server cabinets are characterized by functionality and exceptional ease of use. Thoughtful design and high-quality materials are far from their only advantages:


  • Glazing of the doors allows you to visually control the operation of the installed equipment.
  • The use of a powder-polymer coating provides increased protection of the metal from corrosion.
  • On some models, door seals are used, which makes them secure.


Cabinets for mounting equipment reliably protect the installed equipment from external influences, dust and high humidity. The minimum level of security is not lower than class IP54. The use of mortise lever locks virtually eliminates the possibility of unauthorized opening of doors.


Selection and purchase of server cabinets


An extensive catalog of mounting racks offered by the MONSTROPLACE online store allows customers to choose models with the desired parameters in several versions. Thus, the client has the opportunity to choose available or improved samples, based on the budget allocated for these purposes. When determining the requirements for them, the purpose, standard size and security level are taken into account.

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