Clinical thermometer

Determining the temperature with body thermometers is a familiar procedure at the first symptoms of a cold. After all, fever is a sign of infectious diseases that haunt us at every step. That is why medical thermometers should be present in every home.

Types of body thermometers

The mercury thermometer is familiar to everyone since childhood. It looks like a sealed glass flask with a capillary containing mercury. He fell in love with everyone because of the accuracy, availability and durability, as well as ease of disinfection. They measure their temperature both under the arm, and orally, and rectally. The main drawback is the same glass flask that can be easily broken. As a result, the toxic substance inside is released with dangerous vapors. It also takes quite a long time to determine the temperature -10 minutes. Therefore, devices without mercury began to appear on the market, outwardly identical with mercury ones. But inside there is a harmless galinstan. This substance is a good analogue, consisting of an alloy of gallium, indium and tin. Its disadvantage is the high cost in comparison with the usual mercury.

An ideal option for measuring temperature is an electronic thermometer, it is presented in a cheap and higher price category, so the buyer will definitely find the right one. With the help of sensors located inside, the result is shown on the display. Digital thermometers are absolutely safe and cannot be broken or significantly damaged unintentionally. A big plus of such devices is the built-in memory that remembers the last measurements, the backlight of the screen and the ability to change the scale from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa. The disadvantages are the hassle of replacing batteries and the inability to disinfect with high quality.

The infrared device works by emitting special rays and has the same functions as the electronic one. Easy to clean and disinfect. Non-contact models of the device are also presented to help measure the temperature of a capricious child. A non-contact device is the best solution for young parents, you can determine the condition of the child without waking him, and the result will be extremely accurate. The presented device is universal; it can measure not only body temperature, but also water, food, since there is no direct contact with the substance.

Rules for measuring body temperature

There is a stereotype that electronic thermometers give incorrect readings and the most accurate is mercury. But often errors in measurements occur due to the fault of people who have not read the instructions for the device. Therefore, before use, we advise you to study in detail how to use it correctly and act strictly according to the instructions and nothing else. Each device has a certain type of application, oral or rectal, and out of habit, everyone puts a thermometer under the arm, without thinking that the measurement time should be increased.

Before measuring the temperature, it is worth wiping the armpit dry from sweat so that it does not distort the readings. After making sure that the contents of the product have dropped to 35 ° C, it is worth placing the tip of the thermometer in the armpit. The closer the sensor is to the body, the more accurate the readings will be. It is advisable to carry out all the manipulations tightly pressing the hand to the body and in a lying or sitting position. Measured for 10 minutes in the armpit, the time depends on the location. After that, the device should be disinfected.

Before choosing, decide which thermometer is most suitable. The main factor is the situations that you encounter in everyday life. It is worth remembering that infrared thermometers are used only in 3 places: forehead, ears and temples. Mercury thermometers should be carefully stored due to the fragility and toxicity of the contents. And when using digital options, the consumer should read the instructions for use and choose a trusted manufacturer.

The cost of body thermometers is varied and it is formed from the type, model and additional functions built into the device, such as backlight or saving the last measurements. The most expensive purchase will be infrared devices for non-contact use.

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