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The "Pet supplies" section combines products necessary for the normal life of your pets. The thematic catalogs contain food for animals (dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish), including dry food, canned food, various delicacies, nutritional supplements and vitamins. A wide range of pet hygiene products, toys and other products designed to maintain the health and full development of your pets are also available.

You can also take care of your pet by purchasing pet supplies for the entertainment of animals. Your attention is presented to cozy sleeping places for dogs, all kinds of scratching posts for cats, as well as comfortable and functional cages for birds and aviaries for rodents. Most animals love to play - do not deprive them of such joy.
The products placed in the catalogs are also in high demand among the owners of four-legged cats: Scratching posts, cat litter.
Leashes, harnesses, clothes for dogs, as well as other goods for training and walking an animal in rainy and cold weather.
Exotic lovers will appreciate the catalogs: aquariums, terrariums and water filters. Among the offers of this thematic group are also available: medicines and remedies for parasites, preparations for maintaining the necessary hardness and alkalinity of water, and other equally useful products for animals.
If you want to travel with your pet, or if you just need to transport it, be sure to visit the catalog with animal transportation means. We offer a wide range of car accessories for dogs, cages for rodents, carriers for cats, designed specifically to make your pet feel comfortable during the move.