Pet stores carry a wide selection of dog food from different companies. The owners of four-legged friends want to buy only the best products for them, so they carefully choose products. On store shelves, you can find both domestic and imported products. The main advantage of such a product lies in the food and energy components that the dog needs. They help to avoid unpleasant stomach diseases.

Varieties of dog food

Food for an animal should be chosen depending on its breed and size. When a dog owner makes a friend, he reads a lot of information on the Internet and gets acquainted with customer reviews. The advice says that purebred pets should not be given bread and sweets, but should choose certain types of meat and feed. All food for adults and small breeds is divided into the following types:

  • Wet. This type includes canned food and products. Manufacturers use the bones and viscera of animal organs and grind them. Animal fat, natural meat, fish, and additional components are also used. They are packed in soft polymer mock-ups or metal cans.
  • Milk substitutes. Used for puppies. It resembles milk in taste and color, but is produced from vegetable proteins and fats.
  • Natural feed mix. Often the contents are based on herbal granules and do not contain meat products that the dog's body needs, but cereals and stabilizers. Such products are relevant for animals with a problem stomach or for the duration of the illness.
  • Dry. The product contains many useful components, vitamins, and minerals. Grain and meat ingredients are added. They keep their appearance well in a dry state and do not lose their useful properties. They are conditionally divided into premium and economy class. You can distinguish them from each other not only by price but also by composition.

Human and animal nutrition is different. Dogs should be given other types of food, and not like many owners do, giving everything from the table. These pets develop stomach problems. Four-legged friends need fresh meat and bones. Thus, the dog receives important trace elements. If such products are not in the diet, then it is recommended to use dry dog food in order to saturate the body with important elements, increase activity and not harm health. It is worth remembering that the frequent and excessive use of non-natural products also leads to problems.

Selection Tips

To know how to choose dog food, you need to be guided by the breed of the pet and its needs. It is recommended to take into account the age of the pet, and its activity. Energy and nutritional needs are influenced by factors such as growth, activity, reproductive status, and age. For puppies, it is advisable to choose products with an increased number of calories, as the body is growing. 

Further, they are determined by the need for the nutritional components of the dog. If there are health problems, then you can discuss them with a veterinarian and choose the appropriate course. It is also advisable to discuss nutrition with a doctor at a young age in order to avoid all problems later.

Do not trust only advertising. The owner must learn from mistakes and try different foods. It is recommended to let the animal make a choice between dry, and canned goods. Many dog owners choose holistics. Their advantage is in a large amount of meat. Manufacturers do not use offal, and the dog draws vitamins and nutrients from vegetables, fruits, and berries. The best test of a product for quality is a dog's nose. If there are a lot of additives and non-natural components, then the pet simply will not eat it.

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