Basketball hoops, stands, backboards

Today, basketball is considered one of the most popular sports because it is spectacular and unpredictable. Both children and adults love to play with it. To play, you need to acquire special equipment. Firstly, the site must have an ideal, even and hard surface, and secondly, basketball backboards with rings are installed on the field. Today, manufacturers offer stationary models and disassembled ones. The latter are especially popular with consumers as they are easy to transport.

How to choose the best basketball backboard?

A large range of products often causes difficulties for customers. Before making a purchase, experts recommend figuring out which product is better to buy for the street and at home:

  • Basketball ring - the inner diameter should be in the range of 46-45 cm. There are professional and amateur models. One of the main features of baskets for real players is the presence of a depreciation system. This addition will significantly increase the life of the product. When the basketball player catches on the circumference, the damper will hold his weight and energy, preventing the metal from deforming. Amateur products usually have anti-vandal protection, namely additional stiffeners in fasteners.

  • Racks - there are stationary and mobile. Usually, disassembled options are installed in arenas that are designed for different sports or concerts. Stationary racks are usually purchased for school stadiums, small sports fields, or for the home.

  • Basketball backboards - must be strong and reliable. Professional products with parameters 1.8x1.05 differ from street products. They have an additional protection of 5-10 cm, which is installed from the side of the playing surface. Basketball backboards are made from acrylic, polyethylene or polycarbonate.

For children, experts recommend choosing rings with a mesh and height adjustment. First, it should be fixed at head level, and then gradually raised. On sale are products in standard white-orange shades or with bright patterns.

Give preference to metal rings. They have a longer service life and wear resistance. But for also some manufacturers offer good quality plastic versions.

Shields and racks can be used separately, as it is possible to mount on the wall. This is a great option for young players who are practicing their skills in the yard.

Which manufacturers offer quality inventory?

Now there are many products of domestic and foreign suppliers for professional and amateur sports on the market. Some of the most popular brands of basketball backboards, posts and rings are Avento, New Port, Pure2Improve, VidaXL. Companies are constantly improving the range using modern technologies in production.

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