Power tower

Power tower: purpose and types

Power towers are one of the most popular and widespread sports complexes that are optimally suited for both children and adults. Most often, such equipment is purchased for children and adolescents, adults use them a little less often. This is due to the fact that the main advantage of any wall bars is multi-functionality. Such designs are perfectly suitable for the development of the muscular complex and the improvement of the physical form of a fragile child or teenage body.

The Power tower becomes the best solution for installation in an apartment or for a house with a small garden plot. Not every high-rise building has good sports or playgrounds with proper equipment. Due to the fact that such structures take up too much space, there is almost always space in the house in order to equip a small sports corner.

A huge number of manufacturers are engaged in the production of Power towers, they try to make products as high quality and functional as possible. In view of this, brands are constantly developing projects for completing sports equipment of this type. This explains the wide range of equipment that is included in the Power tower kit. The most common are such devices:

  • Rope ladders. Children especially like it, because they carry not only sports but also an entertaining function. With their help, kids love to play pirates, while developing their muscle complex. Rope ladders have a particularly favorable effect on the muscles of the arms and legs, strengthening them and making them more developed. Also, such elements help to develop flexibility and stability.

  • Gymnastic rings. They are one of the most common types of sports equipment, which is mandatory for almost any wall bar. Suitable for standard gymnastic exercises and pull-ups in order to develop the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle.

  • Canopies for a punching bag. These are special designs that are designed to secure the punching bag. Thus, the Power tower can be turned into a universal object for boxing.

  • Climbing walls. They are the element most beloved by children, which is part of the design of the Power tower. They help to learn mountaineering skills and develop agility and stability. If a child is engaged on such walls, adult supervision is strongly recommended.

  • Horizontal bars. Power towers with a horizontal bar are considered the most common structures of this type. The horizontal bar is used by both adults and children. The specified equipment is optimally suited for the development of the muscles of the shoulder girdle and arms.