Yoga & pilates mats

Any sports exercise, whether professional training or homework, should be carried out in a comfortable, and most importantly, safe environment. Minimizing the risk of injury in case of an unsuccessful fall is ensured by properly selected sports mats.

Scope of sports mats

First of all, they should be equipped with a place where the child plays sports. Home Swedish wall or karate section, gymnastics or acrobatics - for children, the issue of safety is especially acute. Firstly, the child is unpredictable and can at any moment try to do an unusual somersault or headstand. Secondly, he cannot fully calculate the consequences of a fall, and he still does not have the ability to measure his strength with the desired load. Thirdly, the organization of a safe space removes some of the fears, allowing you to fully perform the necessary exercises.

For the gym, where adult men and women train, soft sports mats are also used. When practicing martial arts or performing complex acrobatic elements, any sane person will insure himself with a floor covering that will absorb the force of impact when falling or jumping. However, for less traumatic workouts, you need to use a fitness mat. No matter how dexterous a person is, there is always a risk of losing balance when performing the next exercise. It's like with a seat belt in a car - even for a very experienced driver, it should always be fastened.

Home, sports mats are absolutely necessary in the presence of a Swedish wall, a highly suspended horizontal bar or a children's sports complex. Home workouts are incredibly beneficial for all family members, allowing you to strengthen your strength and endurance at any time. Children perceive exercises on the horizontal bar as a game, and it is important to keep this element of excitement. But in order for an adult to be able to calmly go about their business while the child is training, it is necessary to provide a safe area. This zone should cover not only the place directly under the wall or horizontal bar, but also the distance (about 1 meter) in each direction.

Varieties of sports mats

There are 4 main groups that differ in purpose, filler thickness and materials:

  • Wrestling mats. As the name implies, this coating is mainly used for martial arts. The thickness corresponds to the expected impact force - from 5 to 15 cm. The surface is non-slip, most often made of PVC fabric. This is a specially designed fabric in which a layer of lavsan cord is located between the polymer layers.

  • Athletic mats. This coating is designed for acrobatics and athletics. When jumping, a large impact force is created, which can only be softened by an elastic mat, 15-20 cm high. The filler can be foam rubber or polyethylene foam. The second option is preferable because of its durability and resistance to creases. Foam rubber is easily deformed, absorbs moisture and loses its density after 3-4 years.

  • Gymnastic mats. This type is thinner (1-5cm) and suitable for gymnastics, fitness or aerobics. Also, this option is perfect for equipping a children's corner, where the baby can safely and easily tumble and play. The upper upholstery can be made of both PVC fabric and leather or leatherette.

  • Tatami. Tatami most often cover the entire floor, and not a specific area. The widespread dovetail fastening makes it easy to choose the size for any area. For the manufacture of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) is used, which is characterized by rigidity, elasticity and wear resistance. The average thickness of the tatami is 4 cm.

Some athletes prefer to use thin rubber mats for their workouts, which are not so soft, but compact. They are easy to roll up and take with you to training. Especially for cases when the mat needs to be taken with you, folding models have been developed. They also help out in small apartments where there is a need to free up space after class. The folding mat for sports is designed in such a way that the total area is divided into several sections, which can easily be stacked on top of each other if necessary. The connection points are firmly fastened with a strong tape.

The color of the mat should match your preferences. The most popular home colors are gray and beige. They are not boring, look restrained and fit into any interior. For children, bright colors are preferable: red, blue, yellow.

Features of choosing a sports mat

When you have decided on the desired thickness, color, type and material of the future rug, the next step is to choose a manufacturer. Resist the urge to save money, the safety and durability of the mat is worth every penny you spend on it. Brands such as Avento, Pure2Improve or VidaXL have long specialized in the production of sports equipment and provide a certified guarantee for their products.

You can buy sports mats in Austria online. The advantage of an online order is that you calmly, without fuss, study the characteristics of the product. In addition, there is always more choice and variety of goods on the Internet than the average store can afford to keep in one room.

Sports mat care

In order for your purchase to serve you as long as possible, you need to follow a few simple rules for caring for equipment:

If the coating consists of several sections, once a week it is necessary to wipe the joints from dust.
You can practice on the mat only in replaceable and clean sports shoes or barefoot.
Mats that cannot be folded must not be bent. To store several products, they must be carefully stacked on top of each other.
If water gets in, dry the mat in an upright position.

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