The virtual world and computer entertainment have long been trying to occupy human life and the thoughts of homo sapiens. Board games remain one of the few "centers of resistance" in this unequal struggle, the citadel of live communication and pleasant pastime with real people.

Board games in the Monstroplace catalog

Games have been on the table for at least several thousand years. Various puzzles, educational and competitive games arose in different eras on all continents of the planet. Board games are really very diverse: there are simple and complex games aimed at developing logical thinking and dexterity, designed simply to “kill time” and teach economic or scientific skills. How, among all this variety, to find exactly the one that will be interesting to play for you? 

All board games can be divided into:

  • Games for children;

  • Games for adults;

  • For the whole family;

Of course, this division is very arbitrary. Especially when you consider that many children's games are designed to be played by the whole family. The simplest children's desktops are numerous walkers. The ones with dice and chips, with twisted plots, sending us either into space, or into fairy-tale worlds, or films or cartoons. Playing a story like this is a popular way to get your child off the computer and off the news feeds and social media themselves. But there are some games exclusively for adults, for example, alcohol or erotic ones. And there is a large group of games in which the knowledge or skills of adults are simply necessary, and the kids will be incomprehensible and uninteresting.

Another principle by which you can choose a game for yourself or someone as a gift is how large the possible number of its participants is. So many games assume

  • games for the company - mass entertainment for parties like Crocodile and Alias, as well as various logical board games, economic civilizations, card games.

  • games for one. Board games can also be played solo. At your service are many puzzles, numerous serious and not very serious fortune-telling, card solitaire games and much more.

  • games for two. These are classic chess and checkers, as well as dominoes, lotto and many educational children's games.

Board games can also be played solo. At your service are many puzzles, numerous serious and not very serious-fortune-telling, card solitaire games, and much more. The MONSTROPLACE website also has a convenient filter to find a game by the target audience.

Speaking of board games, we need to remember one more traditional type of this entertainment. In addition to classical chess and checkers, which we have already talked about, dominoes and lotto are still very popular entertainment. In many of our yards, you can still hear the characteristic knock and exclamations of “Fish!!!”, and shout out “Bingo!” while playing any of the lotto options - isn't that a real pleasure?!

How to choose your board games

Among the whole variety of popular board games, several different groups stand out, depending on the plot and purpose of the game.

  • Card games. There are a great many of them, and it will obviously be very difficult to find at least one family in which there is no deck of playing cards. Poker, preference, deberts and of course Fool, twenty-one, three of a kind and many, many other games with a variety of rules have been accompanying mankind for many centuries. There is also a layer of card games where special rather than traditional decks of cards are used. One of the most popular of these games is UNO, which in a sense is a reflection of the European Mau Mau card game.

  • Table role-playing games. It is believed that this separate type of tabletop entertainment originated in the seventies of the 20th century, and the first such game was Dungeons and Dragons in 1974. The point here is that the players implement the game scenario within their "roles" and the specific capabilities of each character. Many publishers have created a huge number of game worlds in which millions of people around the world "live". Imaginarium, Munchkin - one of the most popular role-playing "tabletop", but far from the only ones.

  • Alcoholic "tables". Adults tend to relax with alcohol. But if drinking is just so boring or you want to give your party a runaway fun - alcohol board games are what you need. Starting with alcoholic chess, where glasses become game pieces, and instead of “eating”, for example, a queen, one must certainly “drink” it; and ending with numerous revisions of children's "walkers", where skipping a move or fulfilling a wish has a completely "adult" overtones. The main thing to remember is that you need to “play” in such things with caution, remembering that alcohol does not always bring us only joy, but often becomes a source of numerous problems.

  • You can also play with words with the help of special desktop devices. There are several versions of games published by various publishers that diversify the word game known to all of us since childhood. Probably the most famous among them is Alias. The essence of the game comes down to the fact that you will need to explain the word indicated on the card as accurately as possible, but at the same time the word itself is forbidden to be called. It may seem simple, but even once you play Alias, you will get great pleasure and learn a lot of fun about the way your game partners think. Also popular is the Scrabble game, which is a mixture of Hangman and Crossword.

  • Associations can also be played using board games. Even the famous Crocodile (or Cow) exists in the desktop version.

  • Magic games (tricks). Among the many "board games" there are a large number of educational games. Among them, original manuals on various "magical" arts are very popular. Surprising your family or attending a magical performance performed by your own child is not a small human happiness.

  • Strategic games. From the very classification name it follows that these games develop strategic thinking. Economic games occupy a special place here. Monopoly is one of the oldest yet consistently popular games of this spectrum. Making money on real estate with unexpected "pleasures" and troubles is the essence of a monopoly and many manifestations of economic boards similar to it. By the way, for young players, one of the Ukrainian manufacturers has created a popular game "Farm" with elements of agricultural strategy. It is very well made and colorful.

  • Skill games stand somewhat apart. For example, the less active Jenga, where players build a high tower of wooden blocks, is aimed at developing your ability to control yourself and remain calm. But Twister, rather, refers not to desktop, but to "outdoor" games. In doing so, you will be amazed at the “weave of hands, weave of legs” that your body is capable of in this game.

In general, as you can see, there is an alternative to virtual entertainment, and no even the most advanced computer equipment can replace live communication during the game. You can buy board games both in specialized and book stores, and on the Web. The MONSTROPLACE online store offers a huge range of popular and little-known games, and a handy classifier will help you make the right choice, after which you will provide your family and friends with a wonderful and interesting pastime.

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