Electric transport is a fashion trend of recent years

Individual electric transport is gaining popularity year by year as a progressive alternative to typical modes of transportation. It brings new trends and gains more and more recognition, combining innovation and providing the right level of comfort. For its operation, electrical energy is needed from the battery, solar panels and other sources. Running on electricity instead of gasoline, modern vehicles have significant advantages:

  • reduction in fuel costs,

  • no harmful emissions,

  • noise reduction,

  • high performance,

  • ease of maintenance

  • low fire and explosion hazard in case of an accident.

In general, newfangled devices stand out for their compactness and maneuverability, they excel in ease of development, practicality and functionality. They are more economical, environmentally friendly, safer and more reliable. Another advantage is the widest model range, which allows you to buy electric vehicles for every taste.

Types of electric transport

In the wake of the general trend towards the electrification of transport, the following varieties have appeared:

  • electric scooters - like standard ones on two wheels, but with an electric motor, a more powerful and stronger frame, decent speed, an impressive power reserve;

  • electric bicycles - two-wheeled means of individual mobility, also called bicycle hybrids (you can move on the principle of a moped or by pedaling);

  • unicycles - they are distinguished by a beautiful streamlined shape and a one-wheeled design with footboards on both sides, they are set in motion and turn exclusively by tilting the body;

  • gyroboards - a miniature, low and flat platform includes two separated parts (for the right and left legs) with wheels attached to the sides, instantly responds to the slightest movements of the body and does not require much effort to control (the gyroscope system recognizes the shift in the center of gravity);

  • gyroscooters - visually similar to gyroboards in the form of a transverse bar, only supplemented with a telescopic handle and adjustable in height;

  • gyro rollers - consist of 2 mechanisms separated from each other (one for each leg) and function similarly to gyroscooters due to the built-in gyroscope;

  • drift karts - look like very low three-wheeled cars, equipped with a handbrake for drifting and front-wheel drive for extreme turns;

  • electric skateboards - an upgrade version of the traditional skateboard in the form of an elongated four-wheeled electric board;

  • electric scooters - two- or three-wheeled, with a soft suspension system and a reliable frame for good stability on the road;

  • electric vehicles are the largest, with an electric drive that replaces the internal combustion engine and is powered by a battery, silent compared to conventional cars and without a complex gearbox.

The range of electric vehicles in the online store Monstroplace

In the online store Monstroplace you can order a suitable variety with delivery in Austria in any convenient way. A huge number of modifications and an impressive list of characteristics do not limit the choice of the desired mobile device. All of them differ in form factor and size, color, functional equipment and purpose - electric transport is offered for children, for adults, for the elderly and for the disabled. Key parameters include power, maximum speed and recommended load, wheel diameter, range, angle of rise. Different models are divided into regular and folding, universal and highly specialized, for example, electrified bikes for downhill. Most are equipped with SLA (lead-acid) or NiMH (nickel-containing) batteries. The former are relatively cheap and very heavy, the latter are more expensive, but lighter and more durable (up to 400-600 charge-discharge cycles).

Features of electric transport

Depending on the typical specifics, diverse electric transport can be:

  • single, 2 or 6-seater,

  • with roof and trunk

  • with big wheels and pedals,

  • off-road,

  • with LED display and backlight,

  • with remote control,

  • self-balancing to keep it level,

  • with Bluetooth speaker for wireless connection,

  • with software support for customization,

  • with recuperation to recover the energy expended during braking,

  • with jump function and other useful options.

Each copy of the new generation is an ingenious solution of designers who are constantly working on the concept of improvement, expansion and simplification of functionality. In addition to the necessary electric vehicles, the catalog contains charging stations and accessories - from tires and batteries to mounts, organizers and protective cases. Among the numerous products, there will always be the best options that meet all the requirements and expectations.

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