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Monstroplace may send you a message in response to messages (requests and complaints) sent by you through the feedback form and in the process of ordering goods and / or services, when managing orders, issuing goods, providing services. Monstroplace sends messages in the form of emails, SMS messages, mobile app notifications, web browser notifications. You can manage the procedure for sending messages through the appropriate settings on the Site (https://monstroplace.com/….).

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Activities and giveaways in social networks

We hold activities and giveaways on our pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, YouTube. Winners are determined in accordance with the rules of each specific competition. The results are published on the network where the draw was held.

Only citizens of the countries of the European Union over 18 years old can take part in the competition. Participants are obliged to fulfill all the conditions of the competition. The personal feed of publications and the page of the participant in the drawing must be open.

 To retain the right to a prize, the winner needs to contact the page administration within a month and provide their details. In order to claim prizes in accordance with the law in some competitions, we will need a taxpayer registration number.