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Popular questions from customers:

How to choose the right power tools?

The opportunity to buy power tools in the online store Monstroplace has become available to anyone who is minimally familiar with a computer or smartphone. To make the right choice, it is important to understand the purpose, capabilities, and class of equipment being purchased. Three main groups of electric tools:


  • Domestic. It is used exclusively in everyday life, and cannot withstand a long load. With proper use, it can serve at home for a long time.

  • Professional. Parts and assemblies are made of high-quality materials, with the introduction of innovative technologies. Long-term operation is allowed, subject to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • Industrial power tool. It is produced both portable (or mobile on wheels, such as a compressor) and stationary. Freely withstands high loads. Depending on the specific group, it can work in conditions of high humidity, dustiness, and other aggressive environments. Operation may require 220, 380-volt power or compressed air supply. Most often used in large enterprises and construction sites.

What power tools does Monstroplace recommend?

The most popular power tools of the following manufacturers:


  • Wolfcraft is a world-famous German brand;

  • Einhell is a world-famous Austrian brand with a wide range of power tools for home and professionals;

  • Draper Tools is the power tools from a UK manufacturer that has been proven over the years;

Instrumental groups in the Monstroplace catalog

A high-quality power tool always has a narrowly focused scope, regardless of whether it is household or professional.

  • Perforators. This type can be called a hybrid of an electric drill and a jackhammer. Designed for efficient drilling of holes in especially durable building materials - concrete, stone, and brick. The diameter depends on the equipment used, it can be up to 55 mm through drilling and 120-130 mm when working with hollow crowns. Additional options - hammerless drilling and chiseling mode. Criteria for choosing a perforator: by cartridge type (SDS-plus or SDS-max); according to the type of location of the electric motor - direct or barrel; in terms of weight and power - household and light professional ones consume from 500 to 800 W with a weight of up to 3 kg, medium ones weigh from 3 to 5 kg, power is 800-1200 W, and heavy ones in weight reach 10-12 kg with a consumption of up to 2 kW.

  • Drills and mixers. A conventional drill is used for drilling wood, metal, and other materials of low hardness (plastic, plywood, chipboard, MDF, etc.). Impact electric drills allow you to drill holes in brick, and gypsum partitions using carbide-tipped drills. More powerful models can be used for the preparation of building mixtures in small volumes. The mixer is structurally different from the drill by the presence of symmetrical (for most options) handles for holding the tool, a reduced number of revolutions, and increased power. Allows you to work with nozzles of large diameter.

  • Screwdrivers. The main difference from a drill is low power, a low-speed engine, and the presence of a special ratchet coupling that allows you to adjust the maximum twisting force. Due to the nature of the application, the widest range of cordless tools is presented among the screwdrivers. It is obligatory to have a reverse and a quick-clamping chuck for changing nozzles. Most screwdrivers have two-speed settings, some models are equipped with LED lights. An important characteristic that needs to be clarified before purchasing is the battery capacity and continuous operation time.

  • Electric screwdrivers. Low-power screwdriver. Can be pistol cylindrical or hybrid type (straight model with folding handle). Very handy when working in confined spaces and at heights. They differ in small dimensions, which allows them to be used in the assembly of household equipment and furniture, car repairs, etc.

  • Grinders. The real name of the power tool in this group is angle grinders. Bulgarians are called exclusively in the post-Soviet space. Designed for cleaning, grinding and cutting metal and stone products. They differ in the diameter of the installed circle - from 115 to 230 mm. Working with angle grinders requires strict adherence to safety precautions.

  • Jigsaws. A handy tool for making curved cuts or sawing various large holes in various sheet materials such as kitchen countertops. When choosing, you should pay attention to the power, the convenience of the handle and the method of installing files - good jigsaws have a quick-clamping device.

  • Milling cutters. Specialized tool, more designed for working with wood and wood-like materials. It is used in carpentry and furniture production, as well as in the manufacture of products from artificial stone.

  • Electric planers. Household and professional power tools, differing in power and blade width. The acquisition is advisable for craftsmen who constantly work with wood, installers of doors and windows.

  • Heat gun. They are used where local heating to high temperatures is required. Convenient for removing old paint from wood products. Heats the air flow up to 650 degrees. As a rule, models are equipped with a speed switch and a temperature controller. Are completed with a set of nozzles for different operations.

  • Glue guns. The tool is mainly a pistol type for working with hot melt adhesive. They are in demand among lovers of various needlework (power consumption up to 200 W), more powerful models are used for installation work in repair and construction (0.3 - 1 kW). Mains and battery options are available. Allows you to adjust the temperature of the adhesive composition.

  • Nailers. Nailing tool that allows you to quickly drive a large number of nails in a short time. There are electric (including battery) and pneumatic nailers. The latter are professional tools and require a compressor or compressed air supply line. They differ in design and allowable sizes of the nail/stud.

  • Jackhammers. A professional tool designed for dismantling coatings, walls, partitions and various structures, arranging niches. According to the type of power, they are divided into electric, battery, gasoline and pneumatic. Large selection of weight and power.

  • Wall chasers. Narrow profile tool for laying grooves for electrical and plumbing communications. Previously common mechanical wall chasers have lost their relevance due to their limited applicability. Electric wall chasers differ in power (from 0.9 to 2.5 kW) and disc diameter.