The need to use a hand tool exists in any technical field of activity. It acts as auxiliary equipment or as the main tool for performing installation, repair, construction, and other operations. You can buy a hand tool in the online store Monstroplace, having previously decided on the choice of the necessary for the intended purpose.

Clamping tool

It is used in locksmith and carpentry work, as well as in the modeling of various products, and handicrafts. Clamping tools include:

  • vise;
  • clamps.

The vise is designed for the rigid fixation of parts during their processing by manual or mechanical methods. By appointment, there are several types of vice:

  • metalwork stationery, which is bolted to the working surface of the workbench;
  • metalwork removable, with fastening in the form of a clamp;
  • machine tools, which are mounted on the beds of metalworking and drilling machines.

Clamps are most often used when gluing or twisting workpieces. According to the method and angle of fixation, they are divided into the following options:

  • standard carpentry (F-shaped);
  • automatic (quick-clamp);
  • angular for connection of a framework;
  • belt;
  • pipe, etc.
Percussion instrument

This group includes chisels, cores, punches - various tools with a one-sided working parts of different shapes:

  • Chisel. Use for work on metal, stone, and concrete. The mason's chisel has a plastic handle with a protective cap. The shape of the cutting part is peaked or flat of different widths.
  • The punch is intended for cutting holes of various shapes and diameters in materials of small thickness (leather, linoleum, plastic, sheet metal, thin wood, etc.).
  • Kern (or center punch). A type of hand-held impact-cutting tool with a flat striker on one side and a working part in the form of a pointed cone on the other side. Used when marking the center of drilling in metal, ceramic tiles, concrete, and other hard materials.
  • Drift. Locksmith's tool for removing stuck studs, sheared bolts, plugs, pins, etc. The diameter of the working part is from 1.5 to 8 mm, they can have two-component or rubber pads for better retention.



The most widely used percussion hand tool is placed in a separate group. Among the hammers, additional classes can be distinguished by areas of application:

  • carpentry, distinguished by the presence of a nail puller;
  • metalwork hammers with various forms of a striker;
  • sledgehammers for blacksmithing, general construction and dismantling works;
  • welder's, roofer's, bricklayer's hammers;
  • mallets with wooden and rubber heads.
Measuring and marking tool

A wide group of instruments used to measure various parameters: length, depth, angle, horizontal and vertical levels, surface irregularities, gaps. For these purposes are used:

  • building and geodetic tapes with metal or fiberglass tape;
  • levels and theodolites;
  • calipers and their varieties;
  • squares and goniometers;
  • levels, plumb lines and rules;
  • micrometers;
  • probes;
  • templates and contour gauges that allow you to get an outline of protruding elements.
Finishing Tools

This category includes:

  • tools for surface preparation - sponges, graters, abrasive materials (circles, sheets, rolls), grinding stones;
  • tools for applying preparatory and finishing materials - trowels, spatulas, rollers, brushes, sprinklers for plasters;
  • guns for sealants and polyurethane foam;
  • related materials and tools (painting tapes and awnings, trays, floor leveling systems, etc.)

The group of insulating materials includes adhesives, silicone and acrylic sealants, mounting foam.

Mounting tool

Tool for mounting threaded connections with bolts, nuts and special screws:

  • wrenches in a separate version and in sets (open-end wrenches, box wrenches);
  • sets of heads with a ratchet holder and nozzles;
  • torque wrenches for torque control;
  • gas and wrenches for installation of plumbing, heating, and gas supply;
  • sets of hexagons;
  • filter removers.

An important parameter for this group of tools is the type of alloy (high-quality chrome vanadium steel).


A wide group includes pliers, wire cutters, round nose pliers, circlip pliers, etc., as well as metal shears and bolt cutters. The tools consist of two handles and a vertical mechanism through which the working jaws close and open. These tools are necessary for carpentry and plumbing work, as well as for electrical work, installation and dismantling of building structures. Depending on the shape of the sponges, they differ in purpose - to press, bite off, clean parts.


There are many different types that are distinguished by form, material or purpose:

  • standard, differing in the type of slot - flat, cruciform, curly;
  • sets of nozzles with a magnetic holder, which can be reversed with a ratchet;
  • for precision work - precision;
  • dielectric and indicator;
  • drums.
Cutting tool

This includes saws, hacksaws, miter boxes, files, needle files, knives, chisels, pipe cutters, nut cutters. As well as tools for tiles and glass:

  • glass cutters;
  • suction cups-holders for carrying large-format glasses, mirrors and ceramic tiles;
  • tile cutters.
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