Hair styling equipment and dryers

What is a hair dryer 

Various hair dryers are equipment necessary for drying hair. They are indispensable assistants in matters of styling. The unit is useful for both women and men.

Such a device appeared in the twentieth century. It was rather bulky and was called an electric dryer. Also made a lot of noise. Now all modern representatives of the product range are silent and mostly small. If we talk about the intended purpose, then nothing has changed in a hundred years. However, the principle of operation and many technical details have undergone major changes.

Hairdryer is needed primarily for drying hair. This appliance will help to dry hair of any length in a matter of time. In certain situations, this is due to a special need. First of all, no one wants to go out, especially in cold weather with a wet head. Often there are situations when a person has just taken a shower, and the meeting is already a few hours later. The device is also useful for hair styling. This is especially true for the category of people with lush hairstyles. If you believe the reviews of experienced consumers, with the help of a warm stream, the hair is smoothed and does not fluff up so much.

The principle of operation of the tool is as simple as possible. Most models work on the principle of heating. However, before use, it is worth considering the features of the hairline. Based on this factor, you need to choose the temperature. Most users prefer the medium one, it dries quite well and does not injure the hair by overdrying it.


First of all, all varieties are classified by type. According to this typification, all representatives of the product range are as follows:

  • Wall. This option is adopted by large hairdressers and beauty salons. Based on the name, the location of this electrical appliance becomes clear. All varieties of this type are divided into two types. The first includes pistol variations. The difference from the standard ones is that these are attached to a special stand. This nuance provides ease of use and storage. Automatic variations are also in demand in the commercial sphere. They are located in public places, like saunas and public showers.

  • Domestic. The traditional representative of the product range. It does not differ in special properties, such as folding. They have standard sizes. Most of these hair dryers have a cold air mode. Also, some models have an ionization function. This will ensure gentle care for problem hair, including split ends and other problem areas.

  • Professional. New generation product. It is distinguished from analogues by a futuristic design and an unusual shape. It comes with a large number of attachments to meet various purposes. It has an overheat protection function.

  • Hairdryer + straightener. This is a compact set consisting of two items of the same series. Advantage in saving money. Suitable for a gift.

How to make the right choice

Before choosing, it is worth deciding on some technical points. First of all, you need to start from the place of application. If the potential owner is an avid traveler, it is better to stay on mini-hair dryers. You also need to consider the structure of the hair. For brittle and painful, three-mode variations will be the ideal solution.

For too voluminous hairstyles, it is recommended to choose more powerful variations. Power is perhaps one of the main technical indicators. Simple variations are suitable for owners of short hairstyles. If, on the contrary, it is best to stop at more productive copies, despite the increased pricing policy.

If there are doubts about which one is better to choose, it makes sense to dwell on the usual variations. They are practical. They belong to the middle price segment and satisfy almost all requirements, from drying to styling.

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