Child car seats

Modern parents live at a frantic pace and often take their children with them to work and shopping, and for such activities, it is imperative to have a child car seat in the car. Without this device, transportation of babies is impossible and parents may face a large fine. These devices are a necessary measure until a certain age. While the child is small, it is inconvenient for him to fasten a regular seat belt and in an accident there may be an accident.

It has been proven that a person shorter than 150 cm will not be adequately protected by standard seat belts. Also, kids are not visible in the rear mirror and the parent cannot control their behavior. With an additional chair, these issues are resolved more easily and the safety of the baby is increased several times.

Classification of child car seats

Absolutely all car seats are divided into age categories, and hence by weight. They are also divided according to the method of attachment and this is one of the main nuances in the choice. Manufacturers make two types of fixation and can be either fixed with standard belts or with isofix. Instructions for using the first method are in the description of the chair and on the product itself.

The isofix system is designed according to European standards and does not require car seat belts. According to the isofix technology, the chair is attached with metal pins to the parts of the car. It is easy to attach and always becomes even, so the child will be comfortable.

Install car seats in two directions:

  • Along the way. You can put chairs for children who have reached 10 kg, that is, after a year. The child can already hold his head, sit comfortably and respond normally.

  • Against the course of motion. It is recommended to carry children as long as possible with this type of installation, as the risks of serious injury in an accident are reduced. Manufacturers advise at least up to a year from the date of birth of the baby to adhere to this rule.

All child car seats are divided into several age-related categories. Group 0 includes children under one year old and weighing up to 10 kilograms. The next category allows the transportation of babies at 1.5 years old weighing up to 13 kg. Group 1 is designed for children weighing up to 18 kg, which means up to approximately 4 years. At 3-7 years old, a child should look after chairs in category No. 2. They can carry children from 15 to 26 kg. The last group 3 is intended for children from 6 years of age and older. In such car seats, children up to 36 kg can move. As you can see, there are certain products for each age category and they need to be changed regularly for safe driving.

In the market for similar products, you can find more versatile models. They will be designed for children up to 1-1.5 years old, and the second category from 2 and older. Products are recognized by special designations. Several numbers will be indicated on the box at once. A suitable chair is selected according to two criteria - the child's head is 1/3 higher than the edge and the internal belts are located above the child's shoulder.

Selection rules

Choosing the perfect car seat for a child is necessary depending on age, as this is a guarantor of safety. For newborns, models with a sleeping position are suitable. Such goods are called cradles. Child car seats are also secured in several ways that are convenient for parents.

In order not to wonder how to choose at the very last moment, it is recommended to immediately prepare for it. You can pre-select suitable models and find out up to what age, according to the law, you need to carry a child. In order for the baby to feel comfortable, there should be side protection against a possible impact, the belts should be securely fastened.

When choosing, it is recommended to independently check how to install the products and create a simulation of sudden braking. Do not forget that child seats for babies are installed against the movement, so there must be appropriate latches and a small distance from the front to the rear passenger seat.

It is not recommended to choose used options. Child car seats can be damaged, and in the event of an accident, there will be unforeseen results. It is advisable to purchase a previously used product from friends and relatives who conscientiously give a quality product to good hands. You should not look at other sellers, since the life and health of the baby depends on it.

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