Bathroom scales

What is floor scales and why you need them

Almost every person, regardless of status and position in society, needs such an item as floor scales and their other varieties. This device is designed to determine the weight of a person, and some subspecies are suitable for products and other items.

Weighing is an important part of the life of all people without exception. Someone neglects the process, while someone approaches this matter quite carefully, equipping their apartment or house with various units of this category. This procedure is simply not enough. An athlete who stubbornly monitors his physical condition simply cannot ignore this factor. When dropping or gaining kilograms, it is necessary to monitor the state of the body and the changes that accompany sports loads.

It is also important for people with chronic diseases. Everyone knows the fact that when the disease progresses - the body is subject to exhaustion. External signs of almost all diseases are invisible, because initially the body itself suffers harm. Therefore, doctors recommend keeping a watch on your physical condition by weighing yourself every day, especially under medical supervision.

Some types of products have the ability to remember and track changes in weight. It works quite simply. The built-in computer captures the latest data, comparing it with the next. This will greatly facilitate the use, eliminating the need to write down readings in a notebook each time.

Representatives of the expensive segment can even replace a personal nutritionist, giving weight loss advice and offering various diets. They are very popular and receive positive reviews.

Main classification

It is quite difficult to classify such products, given the diversity of the product range and wide range, from the simplest floor scales to the most technologically advanced and innovative. Designers produce devices with all sorts of prints. You can find elegant leopard or simple, ones made in one color. With this, the owner can emphasize the interior, and highlight his refined taste.

Despite this, specialists and developers make all devices by type. They are:

  • Household. This category is responsible for the simplest variations. Such home helpers do not differ in special functional qualities. They serve only the main purpose. Considered very easy to use and install. Limit application to 160 kilograms. They have a good pricing policy. On the modern market are mainly electronic.

  • Diagnostic. It is considered to be suitable for use in private medical institutions. In addition to measurement, they are also needed for a large area of application. They can calculate the percentage of fat, this is quite important for those who are prone to obesity. They set the level of internal fat, which envelops the vital organs, contributing to heart or other vegetative-vascular diseases. You can find glass ones with built-in memory.

  • For newborns. The technique of such a plan is simply irreplaceable if a peanut has appeared in the family. No parent wants to put their child at risk. Constant supervision of the child's condition is not only practical, but also measures that contribute to the preservation of life in the early stages of development. Most often, for children, you can find floor scales with a special bowl. It is anatomical and imitates the structure of a child's body as closely as possible so that its location is comfortable and safe.

How to make a choice and not make a mistake

How to choose such a subject is a really difficult question. The answer to it can choose only the buyer himself. First of all, it is necessary to understand the design features and determine whether they meet the necessary requirements.

As for the design, the technical features of most modern models of floor scales are significantly superior in quality to the old specimens. Then at the peak were exclusively mechanical. Now this variety has almost gone out of fashion, giving way to electronic counterparts. They are more practical and are small square-shaped glass plate with a small display showing the result in the form of numbers. Also, most devices have such an additional structural element as legs. Most often, they are made of silicone, so as not to scratch the floor covering, but at the same time fix the device tightly, giving it balance and reliable support. Saturn is the leader in this area.

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