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Modern punching bags are equipment for a male sport, but girls also often take part in it. They have an elongated shape and considerable weight. Designed so that the athlete can hone the skill of hitting. At various trainings for women, classes are also held in gyms. A boxing pear is a great way to remove unnecessary anxiety and nerves.

Varieties of punching bags

Manufacturers of sports products present various products to customers. They differ in their external data, purpose, weight, etc. For a certain sport, there are standards and rules for working with similar products. All sports equipment for boxing can be divided into the following types:

  • Boxing pear. A device for honing the skill of strikes, their speed and strength.

  • Boxing mannequin. Modern development of manufacturers. In production, new materials are used, in appearance it is similar to a person. Outwardly, it is soft, and inside a plastic base is used to practice movements.

  • Boxing bag. It differs from a pear in a cylindrical shape and a large weight. You can hit him with your hands, and also combine punches and kicks.

  • Pneumo boxing installation. Inside the product there is a latex or rubber chamber inflated with air. It is used for setting fast and sharp strikes, to improve reaction and strikes with a bias.

  • Wall boxing pillow. A special kind of inventory with a wooden frame. It attaches to the wall and is convenient to use. The thickness of the object is up to 10 cm, filled inside with felt or foam rubber. With it, you can work out the strength and rigidity of blows.

  • Pear weight. Special attachments to help keep products in one place or make them heavier to improve impact strength.

Manufacturers also produce floor fixtures. It consists of a heavy platform, a long pin and the bag itself. An air balloon is placed inside the product. It is needed to develop fast and accurate strikes. There are products on stretch marks, they are not particularly intended for the home, as they must be fixed, but if there is a separate room for exercise equipment, then you can choose this one.

From manufacturers you can still find children's options. Such models are made of durable rubber, inflated with air. The design corresponds to the age of the baby and his interests. You can find options with cartoon characters, movies and comics. Most often, manufacturers make the product functional and with the ability to transport the item, change its height.

According to their intended use, punching bags are made for serial punches and for work only with hands. How to hang products of the first type will be prompted by consultants when buying. It is recommended to select special fasteners for it so that the product is well fixed. Quite often, such options are found in professional gyms. Along with the main mounts, a suspension system is included. The second type is considered more versatile sports equipment for classes.

Selection Tips

When a person is just starting to play sports or researching all the information, he is interested in what a boxing pear is stuffed with. It may contain various materials depending on the purpose and place of operation. Most often, companies offer products with an inflatable vessel. There may be softer material inside - foam rubber or felt. For professional athletes, it is recommended to choose products with a hard filler inside.

Before choosing punching bags, you need to decide on the level of preparedness, where it will cling and what it is for. When choosing a product, it is important to inspect it for integrity. The basis should not have scratches, damage, cracks. Each product is divided into price categories, which depends on the materials used. The outer covering of the product is made of leather, leatherette and awning materials.

When choosing boxing equipment, it is also worth considering the area of the room and the height of the ceilings. It is optimal to select goods of 120 cm. They are perfect for athletes of different training and physique. But for home workouts, you should look at the products much lower, no more than 60-70 cm. But as for the weight of the projectile, it is advisable to choose it based on its own weight. If it is lighter, then it will fly off too much during impacts, which will cause discomfort. And with too much weight, it will not allow you to do it normally.

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